Several historical documents tell us that the original denomination of the borgo and beginnings of it was named San Donato 'extra muros' or San Donato de Castrovetere (di Castelvecchio).
The meaning of 'extra muros' distinguishes San Donato of the farmes from San Donato al Cantuccio located on the S.Gimignano fountains way.The first news of San Donato dates back to June 22 1971 , describing San Donato as a "borgo , villa and church".
In 1183 in Gambassi additional documents cite the habitants of San Donato. In 1220 a papal document fron Onorio III mentioned San Donato's church amongst other churchs under the authority of Pieve di S.Gimignano. In 1308 San Donato gets assalted from Volterra fighting against S.Gimignano.
Fews years later in 1312 we have evidence that San Donato population begins to pay contribution for protection to Bosco di Casperano. The first urbanistical news in regards of the borgo dates back to 1576 : in relation to a visit from Monsignor Castelli Vescovo describing the borgo of San Donato having 9 houses and 40 cristianed adults. In the 18th century Vecchi's family built a Villa already registered in Leopoldino archives of 1836.
The church dates back to XI or XII.
In 1782 the church aquired prestige and power thanks to Volterra's Bishop Alessandro Palletti following the union of San Donato to Castelvecchio. At the end of XIX century the noble Nicola Vecchi contributed the actual bell tower and church restauration.

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